Call for Nominations for Fellows of the Asian Union of Thermal Science and Engineering (AUTSE)

AUTSE has initiated a call for nominations for AUTSE Fellows. AUTSE Fellow is a distinguished academic and scientific position awarded to individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of thermal science and engineering or have completed outstanding research in academia or industry.


  1. The candidates

Candidates for Fellow should have demonstrated noteworthy individual responsibility and should have sustained achievements and professionalism in the field of thermal sciences and engineering. In principle, candidates should not be over 65 years of age, and have at least ten (10) years of active practice.


  1. Nomination process

The nomination for AUTSE Fellow is initiated by an AUTSE Fellow with intimate knowledge of the nominee’s background. The nominator is solely responsible for preparing all the documents, and the complete nomination package must be submitted by the announced deadline. The Fellow Review Committee will evaluate the nominations before the awarding ceremony.


  1. Submission of documents

Each nomination package should contain

(1) Fellow nomination form (download: Word, PDF)

(2) Resume/CV or professional record

(3) Major publications/paper summary

(4) Three supporting letters from the Fellows


  1. The assessment criteria

The following criteria will be considered for the assessment:

(1) Scientific level based on the originality and generality of the work

(2) Significance of the scientific contributions for thermal sciences and heat transfer

(3) Contribution to the thermal science and engineering community and industry, including involvement with AUTSE activities


  1. Fellow Recognition

The nominees who are promoted to Fellow by the Fellow Review Committee will be awarded a Fellow certificate.


Kindly note that the deadline for submitting nomination packages is June 30, 2023. All packages must be sent via email in PDF format to We appreciate your attention to this matter.


Xing Zhang, Professor, President of Asian Union of Thermal Science and Engineering (AUTSE)

Sung Jin Kim, Professor, Chair of Fellow Review Committee of AUTSE